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Midland Features

Player Commands

    With the help of the command .menu you can enable/disable:
      -Account protection by hwid bind
        -Buff block
          -EXP block
            -Auto Pick up
              -Automatic Potions (Greater Healing,Mana potion,Greater CP potion)
                  With the help of the Community Board (ALT + B) at towns you can use:
                              -Top 10 pvp/pk ranking
                                -Raidboss Status
                                  -Midland Raid boss system ranks,check top 8 clan's MRP

                                  Raid Rank System

                                    -Clans of midland can earn MRP points when killing raidbosses
                                      -Every time they kill a raidboss they obtain MRP (Midland RaidBoss Points) based on raidboss level.
                                        -Example of point system: Killing a 54lvl RB -> grants 54 MRP for your clan
                                          -Every 30days points are calculated and the TOP 8 Clans of the list can choose a reward based on their position.

                                          Grand Bosses

                                            -Automatic flag when entering.
                                              -High Level characters are prohibited from entering low Grandboss areas.
                                                -Boss Players Level limits:
                                                  -Queen Ant : 48 Level
                                                    -Orfen/Core : 58 Level
                                                      -Zaken : 68 Level
                                                        -Prohibited characters that try to enter will be automatically sent to town.