Interlude x15

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Buffs & Classes

NPC Buffer & Buffs

    -Buffs duration is 60 minutes
      -Maximum buff slots 28 (24+4)
        -You can buy ancient books using vote badge or loot them from raid bosses
          -You can get all buffs from buffer except cat/pony and resists.
            -Any player can get free support magic
              -You can also buff your pet
                -Scheme creation is available

                Classes & Subclass

                  -First class transfer - you will be rewarded 100.000 adena
                    -Second class transfer - you will be rewarded 700.000 adena
                      -Third class transfer - cost 55.000.000 adena & you will be rewarded one Book Of Giant


                      -Getting a sub class is free


                        -Retail quest
                          -You can trade vote badge's for Caradine's Letter Lv 65